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Anonymous, Unix-Based Internet Services

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    Want More Privacy From Your ISP?
Unlike other ISPs, PrivateDomainData requires no personal information. We don't know who you are, so we can't give out any information about you. We've even modified our servers to prevent our users from seeing each others' activities. More

Need an anonymous email account? We offer 10 megabytes of mailbox space, POP3 and POP3-over-SSL access, and 5 free aliases for $5 USD a month. More

Our anonymous shell accounts include 25 MB of disk space, personal web pages with 250 MB of transfers, CGI, PHP, and all the standard utilities for $10 USD a month. More

Web Hosting
We offer a variety of web hosting packages, starting with 25 MB of disk space, 250 MB of transfers, and CGI and PHP for $15 USD a month, and ranging up to 50 MB of disk space, 1 GB of transfers, CGI, PHP, and 10 email accounts for $55 USD a month. Additional disk space and transfers are available. More

Domain Registration
Want to register a domain without having your personal information visible to everyone on the Internet? We'll register your domain with our contact information for $20 USD a year. More